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Study reveals Adolf Hitler's passion for scandalous 'poo sex'
Deccan Chronicle
Berlin, Germany: An awful revelation made by a top secret spy dossier claims that Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany's Nazi party, had a disgusting passion for 'poo sex'. According to a report in the Mirror, the German Fuhrer had a liking for an
Hitler's Sordid Sex Life And Gut-Churning Fetish Exposed In Top Secret DossierThe Inquisitr

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Tactics to Keep Sexual Passion Alive in Long-term Relationships (blog)
A new study examined the sexual satisfaction — or dissatisfaction — of heterosexual couples in long-term relationships. Researchers discovered sexually satisfied couples use a variety of methods to keep sexual passion alive. The study is one of the

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My days off from Surrey escorts are hectic, and I have to say that it is hard work to fit everything that I need to do in. Shopping seems to take hours and then I have lots of things to do around the house as well. I have recently…

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An Ode to Passion
Everything that I do long-term is fueled by passion. I won't work a job that I am not passionate about for a long period of time, and I won't be with someone who does not give me butterflies. I refuse to eat mediocre food, have mediocre sex and live a

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