Do we really need a partner?

Since I learned to change the batteries on both my vibrator and my Kindle, I have started to wonder if we really need to have a full-time partner. Am I the only girl to feel like this? I am sure that I am not. Looking around the London escorts agency that I work for in London, I have noticed that more and more girls are electing to stay single. We seem to have discovered that we are capable of doing many of the things which we did not first think that we could do. It turns out that even charlotte escorts can change a light bulb or two. 


I suppose most girls would worry about things like cars and when they go wrong. That would not worry me at all. I have made enough contacts at charlotte escorts. I am sure that there are plenty of men in my little black book who can help me to fix my car. Why should I finish my London escorts shift only to come to have to wash a man’s shirts? It is not really what I want to do at all. I meet enough exciting men at the London escorts agency near me in London that I don’t need any extra companionship. 


What about sex? Sex toys are now so refined and fun to play with that you are unlikely to end up getting bored. A new sex toy seems to come on to the market almost every month. Most of the girls at London escorts have a rather exciting collection of sex toys instead of boyfriends. I am okay about sex toys, and I think that most women I know are okay about them as well. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of one girl at London escorts who do not like to play with sex toys in her own private time. 


What about holidays? Last year I went on my first hedonistic holiday with a couple of the girls from our London escorts agency. Even though we only work for a cheap London escorts agency, we could easily afford a hedonistic holiday. It was great. Solo holidays in the UK are now one of the fastest growing markets. You can go on anything from exciting Swingers party weekend to spa weekends. I really can’t see what the problem is about being single. 


Are women hung about being with men all of the time? I think that many women have been so far but things are beginning to change. A lot of women are also coming out as bisexual. That has really put the cat among the pigeons for a lot of men. I think that a lot of men I know now would find that hard to deal with having a bisexual partner. I will admit that I am attracted to both men and women. So far I have only got around to kissing another woman, but perhaps the future has something more exciting in store for me when it comes to spending time with other women. 

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