Girls Working hard for their money

I used to work as an escort in London but I must admit I take my hat off to Charing Cross escorts, these girls really work hard for their money. Most of the time I did not need to leave my apartment but working life for Charing Cross escorts is totally different. These girls do not only need to carry around portable massage tables, they also need to be able to and their way around. When you speak to Charing Cross escorts you appreciate that they even need to know the location of the many different airport hotels, and many of the Charing Cross escorts seem to have the ability to know when nights will arrive. Charing Cross escorts are probably the busiest escorts in the Greater London area.


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Whenever I go for a coffee with one of my friends who works as part of a team of Charing Cross escorts, I notice how stressed she seems to be. It’s just like she can never stop, and she is always on a go fast. Personally, I love going for spa days but Samantha never has the time. She seems to have to rush here and there, and these days she even and it difficult to slot me in for coffee.

To be honest, I have been a bit worried about her as she has been looking a bit thin recently. Stress is part of the life of many Charing Cross escorts. Many of their dates only want to see them for a few short hours, and that might mean getting to an airport hotel late at night.

This certainly doesn’t help their lifestyles as many of the girls end up working late at night, and will also have to hurry from date to date.

I think it is all of this rushing around that finally gets to them, and many of them look a bit tired. On a couple of occasions I have told a few of the girls to take a breath and have a few days off to chill out. However, my advice fall on deaf ears.

Charing Cross Life

Escorts in Charing Cross may start her day early as she sometimes have dates that like to meet before they jet off to their next destination. This means getting up early to look good, and that can be a task in itself. Normally after about my third coffee I start feeling human, and my husband says that after my fifth coffee I come alive. That is probably perfectly true.

A lot of the times Charing Cross escorts need to get to a location at short notice as well, and this is stressful. You need to be packed and be ready with everything your date expects. A lot of international business travelers enjoy massages, and this means carrying around portable massage tables and oils. That is a task in its own right!

Many Charing Cross escorts end up working from early in the morning to late at night, and I wonder how many of the girls burn out early. I think the girls should realize that they have a job to do but at the same time, they need to learn they need to look after themselves. So, if you are a Charing Cross escort, slow down and have a glass of champers every so often … it is not going to do you any harm.

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