He hit me

They don’t want to hear my story. You don’t want to believe what i say. Show me my scars they said ignoring their hands, Essex escorts say. Prove the damage he did without physical evidence of your pain i have to assume that you don’t have anyone. i believe it is easy for outsiders not to believe in wounds that have no physical evidence. And i admit that this indifference adds to my pain. Just hit me. Sometimes i want to do it, Essex escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts say. Then they could understand what they were saying to me how the deepest pain was never bleeding. If my bones break and blood flows out of all the wounds cynics and connoisseurs may not reduce my fear so quickly or tell me that the things he did or said were not significant. If only her emotional strokes left open wounds on my body like the wounds she left in my heart i could get a lot of support by explaining why i had to leave her, Essex escorts say. Instead they told me that i only needed to be better understood. They refused to see what they could not see. Naive stupid and stupid questions criticize and curse. You are blinded by the large number of injuries it causes. Kill them and they bleed easily. But there were no sign and no trace so those who were witnesses shook their heads in disbelief, Essex escorts say. You don’t see me trembling long and quiet in my bed tormented by the cruel and unjust things he wears; i feel really lost lonely and deceived. And it seems that criticism i can’t understand the hatred in his eyes when the man swears in his breath or just stares at me with a quiet reference. Only if i can see the suspect what do i feel. it seems unfair that verbal attacks make my heart hurt and leave no trace. i hope then those who don’t believe can help me. i must believe that they will curse their behaviour and urge me to come out and not look back. They will stand with me to protect my children. instead i heard him say it can’t be that bad it doesn’t hit you but just because he didn’t hit me doesn’t mean he won’t hurt me, Essex escorts say. Just to trust me there are times when i want to beat myself. Maybe physical beating will at least allow others to see a little of what he has done in my heart for years. But i don’t think he came closer. Cindy has spent 20 years in forced and verbal marriage, Essex escorts say. He is the author of four books including why is that important to me and god is my witness: divorced in the bible and web-based female department owners in violent relationships, Essex escorts say.

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