My dates at Essex escorts know that I am into fighting

I have this thing about make up sex and I love to fight with my boyfriend just so that we can have make up sex. My friends at Essex escorts of think that I am a bit nuts, but I cannot help. The sex my boyfriend and I have after a fight is the best sex ever and I love the fact that he is still sometimes a little bit angry with me. A little bit of rough sex can feel really good once in a while and it massively turns me on.

They say that I am being a little bit naughty and that turns me on. Some of the men who date me are very special and I am not so sure that they would get on with any of the other girls at the agency. My thing is a little bit about role play and many other things. Most of my gents say that they cannot tell which part is real or not. That is what they like and they say that I challenge them.

I think that feeling challenged in a relationship is sometimes really good for you. None of the other girls at Essex escorts really treat their dates in this sort of way but what I do must be good. My dating diary is always full and I love the fact that I can actually be myself at the agency. Many of the other girls at the agency hide behind role play characters and stuff like that. I don’t feel that I need to do that at all and that is what makes me so special.

Before I worked for Essex escorts, I used to work for an elite escorts service in London. They expected you to be really posh all of time. It was okay but I have to admit that it wasn’t really for me. I am different than other escorts and that is why so many of my gents stick to me. The other girls complain that their gents date around a lot. I think that many of my do as well, but at the same time I know that I have a lot of dates who are exclusive to me. It is great and I feel that I know them.

I have thought about going into bondage because I think that it might work for me. There are not so many bondage girls here at Essex escorts and I think that I could give them a unique touch. Working as an escort really turns me on and I always look forward to the next date. Some of the girls here do it just to earn money, but I do it because I love it. It shines through at the end of the day and I am pretty sure it is one of the reasons I do so well here at Essex escorts. I am I nuts/ I think that I am slightly nuts – yes!

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