North London is a bit like a candy box when it comes to escorts services.

It used to be a real waste land as far as escorts services were concerned but now escorts services are springing up all over north London. Lots of Londoners are actually moving to places like Ilford and Romford. Properties are cheaper and it is still very easy to get into central London. Of course, it is benefiting the locals who are getting more services. Yes, all of the cheap super markets are great, but it is rumored that many of the local gents really like the north London esocrts who have set up shop in the area.
Alan from Romford has been living in the Rushgreen part of Romford for the last ten years, and is delighted to finally have come across escorts services in North London from “I think it is great that we finally have escorts working in this part of London”, says Alan. “Most of the girls are from central London, so they have had previous experience of the business before they became north London escorts”, he says. He adds, “I used to date a lot in central London, but now I mainly date back home in Romford.”
Another gent who is pleased about the emergence of north London escorts is Jason. “At first people were a bit surprised to discover that were getting escorts services here in north London”, says Jason, “but they have started to change their attitude.” I think that the local housewives were concerned that their husbands were going to run off with an escort” laughs Jason, “but that has not been the case.” It is mostly single and solo gents like myself who date the escorts that we have here in north London”. It would be great if we got some more adventurous services, he says. Perhaps more exotic ways of dating hot babes will soon also be common place in north London.
Anita who runs a north London escorts service, says that the service has been well received. At first I thought it was going to be slow, she says, but it actually took off rather quickly. I only decided to open the agency after I discovered how many of my girls did outcalls to Romford and Ilford. I thought “hold on, there must be room for a north London escorts service”, she giggles. I have recruited local girls who know the area, she says, most of the gents still enjoy an outcall from time to time.
North London escort services may first of all seemed a bit shocking to some of the locals. However, many of them now appreciate that dating escorts is becoming more and more common. many young gents, and divorced gents,a re reluctant to get involved. Some are worried about having the time to date. others are concerned about getting emotionally involved. There are many reasons for dating escorts, but one thing is for sure, escorts services are popping up all over London. Is it good or bad? It is hard to say, but it is certainly a sign of the times.

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