Passion Over Sex Makes A Contended Sex Life

Laughing couple laying together in hammock

Passionate lovemaking rather than just the usual sex intercourse makes a contended sex life. Passionate lovemaking is a very important component of adult life relationships and is one of the most difficult to maintain in the long term. Adults don’t understand how to keep passion in their sex as they see it dwindling over time. Some couples are not aware that passion is missing in their relationship, they just know something is wrong; sex without passion is boring and not satisfying. It can’t incite desire and arousal, which leads to sexual boredom. Without passion, sex starts feeling like a duty or obligation, and couples don’t look forward to it and start avoiding one another, instead of looking forward to falling into each other’s arms. Relationships soon erode over time if lack of passion in sex is left unattended. In fact lack of passion in sex is a leading contributor to infidelity since one or both partner is not satisfied, so they look outside their relationship or marriage for satisfaction.

Passion in sex brings couples together and sustains their relationship together emotionally, physically and spiritually. Both partners are happy, contended and satisfied with their relationship and life in general is more fulfilling.

Achieving passion in sex involves more than learning the latest oral sex technique or a wild new sex position. But it is really about what the couples do outside the act of lovemaking such as how you treat your lover, how well you nurture the connection and how much you invest in the relationship. And passionate sex can ease the pressures of daily life and is a powerful way for couples to engage with one another in achieving intimate, deeply satisfying and powerful connection.

Some ways of achieving passion in sex include:

• Having foreplay before intercourse: text each other naughty messages, have seductive phone calls or flirting and teasing throughout the day, leave a romantic note around. This would heighten tensions leading to wild and passionate lovemaking in the evening.

• Mediate about your partner beforehand: meditate about your partner on occasions throughout the day and few moments beforehand, clear the mind of clutter and forgot all other thoughts instead set an intention for a committed, authentic, present connection.

• Breath in sync: lie next to each other face to face and each one breath in sync—as one deeply inhales the other exhales so the same air circulates through each other. This would strengthen emotional engagement and synchronizes rhythm between both partners for a higher physical connection.

• Touch sensitive nerves: touch sensitive nerve areas such as the inner things of one another, adding a little pressure to it by kissing, tracing it to tease and move upwards.

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