Should we start using consent agreements?

I have always enjoyed working for London escorts because it is rather a laid back job, Unlike other jobs, it is not one of those jobs where you need to sign a lot of agreements before you even start to talk to someone. However, things are changing even at London escorts, and there is now an argument for London escorts signing consent agreements. I am not sure that is for me, and if that happens, I think that I may just have to look around for something else. In my opinion, I think that consent agreements would run a date. I really can’t see myself standing at a door trying to get a date’s consent before I enter his home. That would just be too weird, and many London escorts would probably feel the same way as me.

How on earth would you move on to the next stage of a date after asking a gent to sign a bit of paper? It would be very much asking him to sign a formal contract with a London escorts service. What comes next is the thing as well? After I had finished my date with the gent in question, would I have to ask him to complete a survey of the date. I know that charlotte London escorts are often tasked with doing many weird and wonderful things, but I have the feeling that it would just be the final straw for many London escorts.

They would just opt for leaving the industry and move on to do something else. If this was to happen, I think that you would see many London escorts set themselves up as Sugar Babes in London. At least then, from what I understand, you sign an informal agreement but that is it. Also you don’t need to sign an agreement with a Sugar Babe every time you go on a date. You sign just once and then the two of you just follow the details in that agreement for as long you want to see each other. That I think works but signing agreements for every date would not work.For instance, would you have to take out extra time to do this, And in that case, would the girl from London escorts give her time for free, or would the gent have to pay for the time? It would really add on a lot of time to very date, and if you have rather a strict dating schedule to stick to, I think it would become stressful.

It can already be rather stressful to work for London escorts as it stands at the moment. Not all of the gentlemen that I date are familiar with the do’s and don’ts of a date, and I often end up explaining what dating escorts in London is all about. Having to stand there and go through an agreement would take up time, and make dating as an escort in London too complicated. I am certainly not into complicating matters.

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