Till death do us part- London escort



Life is not the same without the person you used to have on your life. Life is not the same without my husband anymore. I love my husband a lot we have many good memories together. We have fun when he is still alive. Yes you heard it right. My husband and I are a good partners ever since. He is a good man to me and I love him so much. I love being with him, his presence makes my life more colourful and meaningful. He always makes me smile with his silly jokes and funny faces. He always has ways to make my heart happy. Until now, I am still longing with my husband even though being a elite cheap escorts in London also makes me happy. If not because of my career maybe I went crazy now, I do not know where to get money to feed my children or send them to school. Being a London escort also helps me in many ways including emotionally. Yes you heard it right, being a London escort gives me an opportunity to meet lots of people that could make me happy nor give me words of wisdom. There are many people were amazed by me because I still wear out wedding ring. Yes I am still married with my departed husband and I don’t feel like searching for anybody else. My children are my jewels now every time I see them happy, I am happy too at least in that way I also make my husband smile. My husband love our children very much, even he is tired from work he always have time to bond with them. He is a great husband for me. I never thought that he is hiding his illness to us. We are always open to everything as wife and husband. I never thought that he hid it from is in order for us not to worry about him. a part of me hates him because if he just tell us the truth we could have send him to hospital and have some medication before it is too late. But he keeps thinking about us, our future, and he works hard despite of pain to earn more money in the time he will leave us. He knew it, he knew that one day he will passed away and still he thinks about us. He saved a lot of money for us that are more than enough but I don’t want to spend it and sitting pretty. I don’t want to lose in nothing all his hard works. That is why a year after his death I look for work and thankfully I was hired being a London escort. Though our life seems better now, the love and happiness of yesterday is still not forgotten. I promise myself that he is the only person that I will love until I die. if given a chance, I still chose my husband to be my husband to the afterlife.

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